Nowadays arose a very actual problem of economizing. It`s like a new trend in our life just like healthy lifestyle, sports or another kind of hobby for many people. However, there is a lot of people who really don`t have a lot of money and want to keep things thrifty. World is not static, everything runs and now word “cheap” or even “second-hand” don`t necessarily mean “bad” or something. Look at the celebrities: Kate Moss, Scarlet Johansson and many other have affordable vintage rings on their fingers and many people consider them gorgeous. It`s because not the thing but the personality is the main first of all.

So, where we gonna find the cheap wedding vintage ring and what price we should be oriented on? We can give you some common tips:

  • Refer to your relatives. Maybe they have a valuable for your family heirloom, which must go through ages. It would be not just a simple new wedding band but a real symbol of love and affinity. Don`t neglect such possibility.
  • Look closer to cheap jewelleries. And I don`t summon you to go buy some cheap bijouterie in the metro passage. Every country have special jewellery markets or shops of jewellery plants where you can have much more less price in compare with supermarket or little stores. In big Brittish cities there are whole quarters where you can find your unique ring (Hatton Garden in London, Jewellery quarter in Birmigham). Besides, you can use different campaigns in big supermarket chains like Tesco. If you are a regular customer, you probably have their member card and it can triple money on so-called Goldsmith voucher. If you have 50 bucks on your card, you can exchange it to $150 on voucher. Nice action. Also they have decent prices. Another way to shave money from your purchase could be duty free zones in airports where everything is sufficiently cheaper including jewelry. In addition, you can use your trip to another country to choose your wedding ring as some metals, gold for example, can be cheaper than in your country. Most famous can be Arabian gold. It is very shining and looks luxuriously. However, this is because of scrupulous polishing and resurfacing so this effect wouldn`t last long.
  • Buy through the net. We have a lot of abilities to find good rings all around the world just using Internet-markets such as eBay. Yes, it could be fraught with some problems such as not very conscionable seller who can sell you bent or defective ring and your holiday would be spoiled. However, more and more people refer to Internet last days. You can try either.
  • Order the band to your fellow goldsmith. If you have some raw gold you can sacrifice to the wedding, you could order a custom rings with your own design. This also a good variant to prove your real feelings and to unite your couple more.

In completing, I must add one thing. If you are superstitious and believe in people`s energetics, carma or whatever, this is not good to buy second-hand jewelry as rings can accumulate the positive and negative of their owners. And as rings are for sale that means their owner`s marriage fell apart.


On photo of wedding rings you can see that they are pretty good looking and can draw an attention.