Wedding hairstyle is one of the main elements of bride’s image. It should complement your style. You will look more refined and elegant. These 10 advice for creating of perfect wedding hairstyle will help you for sure:

  1. Choose the hairstyle you like. Some brides are influenced by the opinions of others. They will do everything like their mothers, their friends or a specialist say. But even if advised hairstyle suit you, but you feel ” like a fish out of water “, it will be better to give it up. You should be confident at your wedding day and if you do not like something about your image, it will directly affect your mood.
  2. Clearly imagine the hairstyle you want. Before visiting to the hairdresser, you should think about the hairstyle you want. Look at pictures on the Internet, in magazines, cut or print photos of the models that you are interested in, and show them to a specialist. If you can not find a picture of the hairstyle you want, be ready to describe it in detail to the hairdresser.
  3. Your hair should look good with your wedding dress, veil and jewelry. For example, the classic model of wedding dresses fit perfectly to classic hairstyle, and loose hair – to bohemian style dresses. So, you should take the veil, jewelry and a picture of your wedding dress at the first meeting with the hairdresser, he/she will tell you whether it is the perfect option for your wedding image.
  4. Make a trial wedding hairdo. Rehearsal of the hairstyles will help you to understand whether it suit you or not. It is possible that this hairstyle looked completely different on the photo model from a magazine, as you probably have different types and type of appearance. A good hairdresser have to offer you additional options of the style you like and you will not be disappointed on the wedding day.
  5. After the hairdresser will test the hairstyle, make sure that you feel comfortable. If there is something you do not like or something that causes discomfort, be sure to tell your hairdresser. You do not have tolerate the pain with the idea of ​​”Beauty requires sacrifice”, because you will be in this way in the morning until late night!
  6. Ask your hairdresser to photograph you at the rehearsal of wedding hairstyle. This is especially important if you “try on” several options. Digital camera is optional for this purpose, you can take a picture using a mobile phone. Take a few shots from different angles. These photos will give you more complete idea of ​​how you will look at your wadding.
  7. After the rehearsal of the hairstyles, leave it until the end of the evening. This will help you to understand how long it will keep the selected option.
  8. Do not experiment with your hair before the wedding. Do not paint your hair using the hair dye which you have not used before. It could cause scalp irritation and you will need time to get rid of it. Also, do not make any sudden changes of your image. For example, dye your hair with a completely different color or make a haircut.
  9. Consider groom`s height. High hairdresses make a woman higher visually. If you are about the same height with the groom or he is shorter than you, then high hairdress is not for you. But if you’re shorter than groom, you can choose any you like.
  10. 10. Hairdo should not be too bright. Your wedding hairstyle should complement your look, but it should not attract all the attention. Therefore, you should not choose too bright hairstyle with sophisticated Opt for the modest variants.